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This private, online consultation with Melanie Jane is an educational & motivational insight into creating your own Scent, Skin or Spa brand.

These days more people realise that creating their own fragrance or skincare brand is no longer a fragrant fantasy, but a reachable reality.

AND NOW more than ever, consumers are supporting Indie brands and looking for unique products by independent labels, rather than the global players.

There has never been a better time to get into the the Personal Care industry, even in the face of recession these industries are BOOMING.

Every perfume house, skincare formulator and essential oil wholesaler I spoke to in 2021, are reporting record sales and a spike in their customer base.


  • Book Your Consultation

    Immediately after purchase you will be redirected to Calendly so you can book your consultation with Melanie Jane-it’s that simple!

    Whether by video/audio or just audio, you can choose from Zoom, WhatsApp or MS Teams.

  • The Consultation

    We’ll spend 60 minutes discussing what you need to know to get started on the right path for your brand. I will give you sound industry advice and guidance. Any small talk is excluded from the 60 minutes, giving you optimum value for money.

  • Follow Up Email

    After your consultation Melanie Jane will follow up on items covered during the call, highlighting key action points and things to consider going forward.

For just €199, you'll receive:

A 1-hour consultancy with me, Melanie Jane–which covers a one-to-one discussion about brand basics of what you want to create, achieve, and build. Here are just some of the topics we can discuss during the consultation:

  • Your objective and the products you wish to create ~ The vision you have for your company ~ Partnering or going it alone ~ Target Audience ~ Industry Trends

  • Branding ~ Logos and colour palettes ~ Costings, Pricing, and margins ~ Packaging insights ~ Outsourcing

  • My own insider tips and tricks ~ Marketing/PR ~ Social Media ~ Brand development ~ Product placement

  • Logistics ~ Complementary Services you wish to offer ~ Suppliers ~ Raw Materials ~ Legalities

  • Retailing ~ Formulating ~ Website design options ~ Scent Education

Get on the right path today

With advice from an industry expert

I get inquiries from budding entrepreneurs every day, so if the time is right for you, then I’d love to support your dream. After all, it can be daunting when starting out, there are so many aspects to consider when starting a brand. It takes work, passion and monetary investment to make it a success, and I am here to be your guide!

What you can expect