You might just find the answer to your burning question right here as we answer your queries.

  • If I do the online perfumery course will I learn enough to start making my own fragrances?

    You will certainly gain an excellent foundation to start. My courses are very intensive and I teach the way I would want to learn, in a very matter of fact, non waffling way. I teach you the essentials of what you need to know to start your fragrant journey and so much more You will learn more in 3 modules than you would in 3 years of self-studying on forums, blogs and reading books. If you're not sure you can try the Fragrance 101 course first.

  • Do you sell the perfumery ingredients?

    YES! I now have a 63-piece raw materials kit called ‘La Petite Parfumerie’ which is an exclusive collaboration with The Perfumer’s Apprentice in the USA. They ship worldwide (except Africa and KSA due to Covid restrictions) and the kit is a perfect balance of luxury and essential ingredients. With a price tag of just $280, it’s an easy decision really and I don’t make any profit from it because I want to keep it affordable for my students.
    However, you may wish to source your own ingredients, so I’ve provided a verified suppliers list.
    I also offer advice on the right equipment you’ll need during the course with tips on how to buy them.

  • I am based in New Zealand, can I still learn online?

    Yes of course! I have students from more than 100 countries! From the UK to Nigeria, from the US to Australia, Jamaica, Japan, Europe and the Middle East. The access is all done online through a learning portal, so as long as you have an internet connection you can do the course.

  • The course title says 'Natural' perfumery, do only teach about natural oils?

    I teach mostly naturals as that is what is easier to understand when first approaching perfumery, but I do also educate you about natural isolates and synthetic molecules, quite a number are discussed during the course and you will use them to make some of your perfume blends.

  • How is it possible to learn perfumery online, don't I need to be with you in a live setting to get the best learning experience?

    My students say that the online course is like being in the same room as me, except I won’t interrupt you when you speak!
    But seriously, the lectures are recorded, they are not just boring slides and workbooks, I have video tutorials as well. We work together through the course and in the section where we learn about the oils and the families I am there with you, experiencing those same oils as you while I educate you about them.

    You will feel very involved and engaged. I have designed the course the way I would want to learn, and all my students absolutely love it.

    If, however you really want a live class then I shall be offering my 3- and 5-day courses again once travels restrictions are lifted. They will be held in France, and I will be offering non-residential courses.

  • Is there a limit to the access for the online courses?

    No way!! You can have 24/7 access which means you can learn in your own place at your own pace with absolutely no limits!
    The recorded lectures require a good internet connection, but the workbooks and guides can be downloaded so you can access them offline.

  • How do I access the online course, is it done by email?

    The courses and classes are on a structured online learning portal that gives you access to all you need for an effective learning experience.
    Once you purchase the course you will get your log in details emailed to you so you can create your own password.
    On the CPD accredited perfumery course there are 3 modules and each module has a series of lessons that you can watch online with supporting materials available to download and keep.
    The modules are 'drip fed' to ensure structured learning in the correct order: The first module is accessible immediately.
    Module 2 is available two weeks after enrolment and module 3 is accessible after 4 weeks.
    You will access from anywhere in the world at any time of the day, as long as you have internet connection.

  • What does CPD stand for?

    CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in, to develop and enhance their abilities. Accreditation for my courses means they offer a structured, practical and methodical approach to learning You can find out more here: https://cpduk.co.uk/explained

  • Is there a time limit to my access?

    You will have two year's access to the CPD accredited perfumery course so you can take you own time, there are no deadline pressures and the course can work around your lifestyle
    Some students complete it in 12 weeks some take more than a year. I am very flexible and supportive of my student's needs so if you need more time you can request it.

    The Perfume Creator course gives you 12 months unlimited access.

    The Skincare course has a 6 months window of access and you can actually complete it in a week if you knuckle down and have the ingredients! But again if you need more time I will gladly give it to you.

    Mini courses give you 6 months access

    The single classes give you 30 days access but you can watch them in just a few minutes!

  • When does my access start, when I pay or when I enroll?

    As soon as you pay you have immediate access.
    I have students that want to take advantage of special offers or coupon codes and purchase the course before they are ready to start.
    They then buy La Petite Parfumerie and the required equipment. Once they are ready, they give me the go-ahead and I enrol them on the course with full access.

  • Will I get a Certificate?

    All paid classes and courses provide you with a certificate upon completion.

    CPD Accredited Certificates are awarded for the following courses:

    A Certificate in Natural Perfumery/online
    A Certificate in Natural Perfumery/live-in-France
    Creating Natural Skincare /online
    Aromas & Alchemy, aromatherapy course/online
    An Introduction to Perfumery/live-in-France

  • I live overseas how will I get my certificate from the online course?

    It will be emailed to you either by myself or the CPD in the UK. You can have a hardcopy posted to you at an extra cost of $25 plus postage, if you wish.

  • How can I make the payment?

    You can pay by credit card or via bank transfer if you don't like paying for things online. Payments should be paid in advance.

  • Are there any assignments?

    There is one practical assignment at the end of each module. You can take your time to do this as there is no rush and you submit it through the online learning portal. Once submitted I will review it and give you constructive and helpful feedback.
    I am sure with my teachings you will get it approved first time! But if you have gone a little bit awry I can help you get back on track and you may resubmit it as many time as you wish.

  • Are there any exams?

    For the full CPD perfume course there is a multiple choice exam with 100 questions, the pass rate is 70%. I need to make sure that you have learnt enough and understood each module before you can gain your certificate and the exam is part of the CPD requirement.

  • Do you offer payments plans?

    For the full perfume course you can opt for a subscription plan, which offers monthly recurring payments for one year and you can cancel at any time. Lessons are released monthly.

  • How do I access the lessons?

    Right here at The Scent Academy! Simply create an account and you can access any free or paid courses directly from your dashboard. You can view the lessons on demand; pause, rewind, fast forward or go back to them at any time, a bit like Netflix!

  • Do you offer more personal coaching?

    You can take advantage of a very special course which offers personal coaching every month!
    The CPD accredited perfume course has an option for you to have personal tuition every month with Melanie Jane via Zoom, WhatsApp or MS Teams and you can opt for video on or off.
    There are only 8 of these courses available every year and the curriculum is exactly the same as the 3 module course, with lessons released monthly.